Friday, October 31, 2008

This angel

Whenever I'm sad,
Your face comes to my mind
Whenever I'm hurt,
You come straight to my side.

Forever I'm grateful,
That God sent to me, an angel.
Easygoing and kind,
Your cheerful spirit radiates.

Those cherished memories,
Will never be forgotten
Any stumbling steps,
I'll learn to overcome.

A token of thanks,
Is the purpose of this poem.
I love you so much,
Being my best friend - the reason.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drifting Off

Day by day they sail,
Happy without fail,
Clear skies ahead, no danger
Conflict comes, it's nothing major

Emotions, care and love
Abandoned when waves get rough
Harder and harder it gets
To remember the day they met

One left shattered, one sails on
Really, how strong was their bond?
Misconceptions, delusions and lies
Dragging it out wasn't wise

Sadly their voyage ends
Their friendship cannot mend
He's desperate to hold on
But she knows their time is gone.