Friday, May 23, 2008

The inevitable

A scrawny, tattered girl hunched over in the corner.

The merry-making dazzling her eyes.
The bittersweet tea pours from an ornate teapot,
Held by the delicate hands of a masked face,
A geisha.

As soft as a raven's feather,
Her ebony hair sways with her every movement.
The richly-embroidered silken fan disguises the fear in her eyes.

The unacquainted girl gazes at her sister's extravagant attire.

Her thin frame is outlined by a chiffon kimono,
Swans, sakuras, saffrons embellish the silken garment.
The scene reflects her own despairing future.
A drunken man grabs a maiden.
And takes her into the distance.

The same fate smiles at her sister.

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