Friday, May 23, 2008

Mistaken Identity

Make way! Make way!

A lady is coming.

Prepare for her arrival,

Open the doors!

Make her welcome!

A crowd gathers for the jamboree

Her carriage is coming, see!

The stallions halt at the gate

The lady is stepping down. Please wait!

Dressed in the finest lace,

A jewelled fan hides her face.

The crowd is silenced by her presence,

As she moves into the residence.

The glimmering fan is slowly lowered,

In which the crowd now glowered.

Behind that fan was a face that spelt ‘traitor’

Divulged an evil grin and said, ‘I am the victor’.

This traitor has cheated and bribed,

But soon fled so she was never tried.

She mocks the anger on their faces

As she departs once more without leaving any traces.

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